Pre-Symposium Workshop #2
Sunday, 5 July
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Master Su Zifang Presents “Gentle and Safe Warmups”

Master Su leads you through a series of gentle movements that thoroughly and safely warm up your joints, from the small joints of each finger through the major joints at the hips and shoulders. She has selected movements that assure safety of every joint and muscle. As head coach of the Singapore Wushu Team for eight years, she researched and designed a series of warmups for training high-level Wushu athletes, who need to remain injury-free by getting adequate preparation for their demanding routines. In this adapted version, appropriate for all types of athletic endeavors, the warmups are suitable for all ages and physical conditions. You’ll enjoy learning these movements, and you’ll be excited about taking them back to your students and patients. A delightfully engaging teacher, Master Su brings you clearly through every moment of the session.

Master Su Zifang

Known as one of “China’s 100 Best Wushu Practitioners” and “One Hundred Living Treasures of China” and the “Queen of Tai Chi,” Master Su received top level training from the well known Bagua GrandMaster Sha Guozheng and Wushu Grandmaster He Fusheng.

Master Su has over 45 years of dedicated training, teaching, coaching, and demonstrating. In competitions in various China national and international competitions, she has won a total of 31 gold and silver medals. She is internationally known for her skill in Tai Chi Chuan, Baguazhang, and Xingyiquan.

An outstanding teacher and coach, Master Su has developed high level champions in both China and Singapore.  For eight years, she was Singapore’s National Wushu Federation Head Coach and received the “High Performance Coaching Award” by the Singapore Sports Council in 2004 and 2005.  She has conducted workshops in numerous countries.

Master Su is a brilliant example of how martial arts can help one achieve health and happiness. Her kindness, depth of skill, and ability to share her passion for the arts carves a clear path for those who train with her. She has cultivated an ability to work with every student individually, helping each person “do their best.”

In 2006, Master Su received the Lifetime Achievement Award from PAWMA (Pacific Area Women Martial Artists, USA). In 2007, she received the Award of Excellence from the NWMAF (National Women’s Martial Arts Federation, USA).

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