Poster Presentations

The purpose of a poster session is to present Tai Chi and Qigong research, programs, or projects in a visual form that are easily understood and that stimulates interest. The posters will be displayed on the perimeter of the exhibit hall throughout the symposium. Attendees are welcome to view the posters whenever the exhibit hall is open.  Often poster presenters provide handouts and their contact information for those who would like to learn more.

Researcher Poster Presentations

Name: Linda Larkey, PhD
Poster Session Title:
Effects of Qigong on Symptom Clusters in Cancer Survivors (poster)

Name: PJ Klein, PT EdD
Poster Session Title: Feasibility of Taiji/Qigong Practice in Day Habilitation for Adults with MRDD

Name: Karen Caldwell, PhD 
Poster Session Title: Developing Mindfulness in College Students through Tai Chi Chuan Courses: Effects on Self-Regulatory Self-Efficacy, Mood, Stress, and Sleep Quality

Name: PJ Klein,  Ge Wu, Matthew Komelski
Poster Session Title: 2nd International Taichiquan Symposium: Research in Progress on Site:  qigong posture kinesiology

Name: PJ Klein, PT EdD
Poster Session Title: Taiji/Qigong:  A Systematic Review of Published Research 1990-2009

Name: Angela Soci
Poster Session Title: Tai Chi Chuan and its Benefits for Elders Memory

Name: Stephanie A. Reid-Arndt, PhD, ABPP; Sandy Matsuda, PhD, OTR/L
Poster Session Title: Tai Chi for Women Cancer Survivors: Preliminary Findings

Name: Anna Maria Rosa da Fonseca Saraiva, MD
Poster Session Title: Taichichuan and Psychoanalysis for Impoverished Brazilians

Name: Larry Y. Brown MS, CTRS,CAS
Poster Session Title: Taiji and Mindfulness: High School Student Stress

Name: Shing-Jiuan Liau
Poster Session Title: Tai  Chi/Authentic Movement Bringing Hope to Stressed People

Practitioner Poster Presentations

Name: Patricia Corrigan Culotti & Michael J. Culotti
Poster Session Title: Traditional Integrity, Issues Between Lineages/Schools/Teachers, Dissemination, Future Vision

Name: . Tricia Yu, MA. and Charlene Avery, OTR/L
Poster Session Title: Disseminating Tai Chi: Maintaining Tradition While Promoting Access

Name: Jay Dunbar, Ph.D
Poster Session Title: Improve Your Teaching Effectiveness: Strategies for Taijiquan Teachers

Name: Spencer Gee
Poster Session Title: Affirm-Motion: Speak Tai Chi

Name: David Boster
Poster Session Title: How to Build a Rewarding Alternative Healthcare Organization

Name: David Chandler
Poster Session Title: Chan Ssu Chin: Meditation on Silk Reeling Energy

Name: Domingo Colon
Poster Session Title: Teaching Tai Chi to Special Populations

Name: Ed Jones, MPH
Poster Session Title: Tai Chi Instruction in a Worksite Health Promotion Program

Name: Barbara Davis
Poster Session Title: Simplicity: Adjusting Taijiquan Forms to Meet  Needs of Different Groups

Name: Wu Dong
Poster Session Title: Sun Style Tai Ji Quan Open & Close Qigong

Name: . Larry Brown
Poster Session Title: Taiji and the Recreational Therapist

Name: Tricia Yu MA, and Kristi Hallisy, PT
Poster Session Title: Deconstructing Tai Chi: Biomechanics, Kinesiology, Therapeutic and Functional Applications

Name: Rod Ferguson
Poster Session Title: Distilling the Essence of Tai Chi to a Practical Useable Context

Name: Holly Sweeney-Hillman
Poster Session Title: Basic Biomechanics for Tai Chi Practitioners

Name: Milan Vigil
Poster Session Title: Say What You Mean: Why we don't do "Tie Chee”

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